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Embrace the Cave Woman in You!!! 

Do not know where to start? Simply just learn from other Preppers Moms. 

Survival Mom Book covers what you need to know about been that SuperMom Prepper in a moment of disaster, just think of your kids eyes looking at you and expecting to put that food on a table....

Here is a great book  LDS Preparedness Manual and no I am not here to "convert" you or "make you believe" in anything, just happened to have a few Mormon friends, which is the kindness the people in the World in my opinion and well known for Preparedness Skills.

The book is great, can leave the stuff about God out, but just remember that God has giving you brains to use it, so read and use the information, other wise continue to leave with your head in the sand.

Plan & Prepare FEMA says, they give great seminars about the Preparedness,  find a local group, sign up for a text messaging to your phone for any alerts in your area, most importantly meet other people, who do not think you are crazy to be ready for anything nature has in the storage for us.

Plan, Prepare And Stay Safe!