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Hello Lovely & Beautiful Moms!

(Ahh,yeah YOU)

Welcome to 3.7 Million ‘Paranoid’ Americans taking part in becoming Preppers, majority of them proud MomsPreppers! Let me just tell you, we are not your average pretty women, desperate housewives, soccer moms and 100s of more silly names. 

Prepared for Anything? Do you have medical insurance, life insurance, living trust, chips, popcorn for that Friday movie night, medicine for sick days??? Congratulations, you are a Prepper! Let's take the ugly word paranoid DoomsDay Preppers and turn it into Proud MomsPreppers!!! Women are Preppers by design, especially when we give life to another soul entering this life, MomsPreppers for life with a purpose of sustaining life, that is what we are. We are addressing Moms here, because mothers spend more time with kids and we want you to learn and then teach, teach your child, teach a child next door who's mother has 2 jobs, start a local group and teach the whole village, teach like our mothers and grandmothers tough us. Recognize your own sense of being, and expand the circle of your blueprint on this world. We have a pleasure of living in the World been messed up by men.....ya, what woman would send her child to a war? So let fix it together! ( we are all know how to complain, do something! )


Remember that first day, when you brought your first or only baby home? Were you scared and overwhelmed about so many things, first diaper change, first feeding, oh my God first fever, did you check on your baby at least 100 times the very first night if she/he is breathing? I did…. We all felt that, and the feeling of protecting your child never goes away, so to feel better we have to teach our children life skills, prepare them for life, make them ‘Preppers’ we have to be MomsPreppers first. This is nothing more but living life with awareness. So many of us into healthy diets, great, what about that healthy way of thinking, no junk in your mind, no fear, do not rob your own life by watching cheap entertainment. 

Survivalist, that is a mental stage of any mother by a nature. We are regular people with jobs and homes whom are increasingly fearful about our kids future- the paranoia compounded by 24-hours cable news. Do not fear forces outside the self, your greatest enemy is within. Knowledge is ALL you need! Be educated about the World you are living in, stay Aware like Mama Bear!

And we have been programmed to be powerless, to rely on others, or on systems or institutions to provide for us. But the power is out there. Right now, the power is in front of you, INSIDE of YOU, you and only you and your mind you need to be ready for anything life will throw on you, so learn to take it with a smile on your face. We live in a world that provides for those who shake the tree, not those who stand under it hoping that a piece of fruit will fall in their hands.

The state of the world is uncertain, sparkling a new wave of survivalists or “preppers”. We are all going to be better off as a society, if more of us have this basic life skills. Rather than living in fear, we need to remember that we have an independent Mind and exist independently from the government, media and the rest of the Propaganda out there. So let's learn and share our life skills from how to change our first diapers to how to kill if we have to provide a meal. Most of us eat meat, poultry, fish but how many of us know how to catch and kill that chicken, fish, pig…....1 in 6 Americans are collecting Food Stamps, we must preserve our talents of self-sufficiency, our genius for creating things for ourselves, our sense of thrift and true love of independence. Do not worry about "Zombies" and "Walking Dead".....just do not become One. Live a life with awareness and meaningful purpose and teach your kids, take a pride of been a MOTHER, the most important mission of your life, FaceBook, MySpace, YourSpace can wait.

At MomsPreppers our mission is to be the best survival informational source providing a vast array of knowledge, tactics, and skills in the survival and preparedness fields, to any and all who wish to become more prepared for whatever may come, that is simply our responsibility to train our children to be prepared for a real life, not the world of cheap TV entertainment or video games. We will take a logical and no nonsense every day approach to survival. This is what Preppers do.

Our goal is to be the ultimate one stop destination for anyone that has an interest in or questions regarding survival and preparation. We strive to maintain truthful knowledge, both in original content, product reviews and survival tips about how to do that. You will get powerful tips about new survival products entering the market to help you to feel safe and secure in case of emergency and essential teaching of great minds to help to explore the foundations of human evolution, the next step in our spiritual and philosophical ideologies. We do not believe in hoarding food, guns ( in real emergency you and your children may become a target and get killed because of your 'stuff' or starting a local anti government, anti-church, anti-Enemy of the Day militia group. Any negative behavior or criminal actions ( as defined by current society) is considered a deterrent from our individual evolution, this is not acceptable.....ya, we talk about current crisis of mind altering drugs taking our society to a new level of insanity made by man for a profit at the expense of our children being nothing but traded as a commodity.

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Be Happy, Stay Awesome! 




In light of the recent events in San Bernardino and LAUSD, we are sharing with you a resource link from the National Association of School Psychologists regarding how to speak to your child about terrorism

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